My Fat Loss Method

Welcome one and all to My Fat Loss Method!

My Fat Loss Method was created out of a need to supply those that have struggled in the past to lose weight, do so, with relevant information on how to achieve your goals.

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Joe Kirin. I started my weight loss journey many years ago and I had struggled for a very long time trying to find a program that worked for me.

my fat loss method before 280 pounds

Me at 280 pounds January 11, 2011

That’s me over on the right at a staggering 280 plus pounds! I know, it’s not a pretty sight. This is the final condition I was in before February 1st of 2011. I have always been a big person, at least in terms of height and frame size, but I like most other people had let my condition go after I was done with school. I got caught up eating unhealthy foods and never eating in, always eating out. It’s expensive, both for your wallet and your health.

I finally got fed up with it. I would often be irritable and groggy in the morning. It made work miserable. My job is a very physical one and being out of shape and overweight was not the way to go. So I decided that I would finally lose that weight once and for all. On January 31, 2011 I made the choice that I wasn’t going to be fat anymore. I got a gym membership and decided that I would cut out all sodas and fast food.

My Fat Loss Method

Now I’ve tried to lose weight before and was less than successful. However, all those failed attempts had taught me some valuable tips and experience that would be helpful in my new attempt to lose weight.

I was also lucky because I happened to find an awesome fitness blog that totally changed the way I thought about exercise and eating. It was completely different from the things that most of the general health industry had been talking about. I believe that the lessons I learned there would allow me to finally lose the fat I’d been carrying around for so long and allow me to keep the weight off permanently.

It is important in your weight loss journey to experiment with different methods in order to find the program that is going to deliver you long and lasting weight loss results without sacrificing your safety. You don’t want to take any huge chances with your program because I can tell you that they are not worth it in the long run.

my fat loss method after at 249 pounds

Me at 249 pounds March 12, 2011

This is me at 249 pounds on March 12, 2011. I had started my regimen on February 1, 2011 and after just about 6 weeks, I had lost half of the weight that I wanted. My goal body weight is 225 pounds. I still need to lose another 25 pounds and I’m sure that will prove to be more difficult than the first part of my weight loss, but I’m not worried. I know that I just have to stick with the program and my body will do the rest.

My way of looking at it is that this is a lifetime journey and not something that should be done in two weeks or less. So the tortoise will always beat the hare.

I finally found a program regimen that works for me and actually doesn’t make me feel like I’m on a weight loss program at all.

It focuses on natural methods and techniques that don’t require me to…

  • Eat 6 meals a day
  • Destroy myself at the gym everyday
  • Take bogus weight loss supplements
  • Starve Myself
  • Avoid Carbohydrates
  • Or any other innumerable lie or myth that have been fed to you regarding weight loss

In fact, this plan is actually well geared towards those individuals that lead a busy lifestyle and don’t have a bunch of time to devote towards the gym and planning meals or preparing them. Be sure to read the blog and the following pages that I will be posting in the future. I will also be updating the blog with current news regarding my weight loss and how it is going.

So I hope that you will stick around and check out the information that I have to offer you on losing your unwanted body fat here at My Fat Loss Method.


My Fat Loss update July 16, 2011

Hey guys, I just wanted to update this page with my results. My original goal for my weight loss was to go from 280+ pounds down to 225 pounds. I am ecstatic to say that as of today 7-16-2011, I have achieved that first goal and now weigh slightly less than 225 pounds!

My fat loss weight results as of 7-16-11

I now weigh 225 pounds! July 16, 2011

So here are the updated stats for my weight loss challenge. When I started my program on February 1, 2011 I weighed in at more than 280 pounds. I now currently weigh in at just under 225 pounds a weight loss of 55 pounds. The vast majority of this weight is from fat that was around my midsection and my back. I also noticed that my legs are ultra lean now because of all the running that I have been doing.

On Feb. 1st I wore jeans that were a size 40 waist and they felt tight on me. I now wear 36 inch waist jeans and they are slightly loose on me. I lost 2 sizes and 4 inches in my waist!

I am still following the principles that I learned from Eat Stop Eat and Visual Impact Muscle Building. I will be putting together another post on what’s working for me and what hasn’t been working so well. I’ll also be creating a free report that will chronicle my weight loss and let you know how I did it and how I continue to tone up my body. So stay tuned.

I’ve noticed that reaching my weight goal has not been enough to lose all of my fat. I still have some fat around my midsection that needs to be torched so I’ve set my next goal to drop down another ten to fifteen pounds and get down to 210 pounds. I believe that this last amount of fat will be the toughest for me to lose and will require some very strict dieting and hard work. I’ll update you with a post on my plan for this.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the Eat Stop Eat program and Visual Impact. These 2 programs absolutely work wonders!

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